This amazing video gives you a 360 degree look at some amazing historical dresses.  The timespan given is 1750’s to 1950’s. Dresses are from the MoMu Fashion Museum Antwerp.

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the interior of a girl in love

the interior of a girl in love

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The stimulus of other minds to excite curiosity and arouse emotion

I am experiencing this eerie almost haunting feeling. I subdue the thoughts momentarily but I cannot shake this overwhelming flash of all I once had.

As if something is not quite right. Today did not unravel as scheduled. I am finding myself looking unto my heart at my past lives. Missing those pieces of me.

Consciously I don’t want to surrender to my fears. Perhaps today a few drops seeped out. It’s going to send me to my knees. 

I am finally working on things I have been seeking for several months and I feel inadequate in some ways. Lost in others. But this is all a part of growing up right? Sealing my worries or burns so I may warrior through my new life. Become all that I believe I am.

Bad children are simply those with more self assertion than the rest.

There I just said it. I’m scared you’ll forget about me. - JM


Warsaw city in c. 1880, from an album “Widoki Warszawy” (“Views of Warsaw”). According to the description most of the photographs were taken by Konrad Brandel [via Mazowiecka Biblioteka Cyfrowa]. Part 9/11 » Widoki Warszawy tag.



(I don’t care this is some catchy music regardless of genre)

To Thine Own Future Be True

Take a peek at this article: “Reinvent Yourself”


Interesting stuff.


Brika // Expectations 

Take care of your mind, body, and soul.


►Moonlight Monday
Evening dress
Date: 1917


►Moonlight Monday

Evening dress

Date: 1917




Beautiful Graphic Art Made With Rolls of Packing Tape by Mark Khaisman

No fucking way

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